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Charges for 11 officials in death of 8-year old girl

Prosecutors have filed charges of official misconduct against 11 social workers involved in the case of an eight-year old girl who died at the hands of her father and his girlfriend in 2012. The couple were convicted for their role in the child’s death. Social workers reportedly received 11 complaints about the child’s situation but failed to intervene.

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The social workers are facing charges for their role in handling the case of the 8-year old girl as part of their child protection and social work remit. The health care workers are facing court action because of their failure to recognise or act on child abuse. The child’s mother and his female partner were sentenced to life in prison for her murder last spring.

The prosecutor has charged that social and health care officials failed to intervene in the case in spite of 11 reports made about her case. The charges all relate to breaches of official duty and were laid against three social workers from the Helsinki City social welfare offices and one senior social worker. No charges were laid in the case of another social worker.

Two doctors from a local health centre, two nurses and three paediatricians from the Helsinki University children’s hospital were also slapped with negligence charges.

All of the suspects have denied any wrongdoing.

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