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Chechen Rebel Site Re-Opened

A controversial Chechen rebel Internet site has re-opened on a Finnish server.

The site,, was shut down in October after operating for just a few days. This happened after the Finnish security police had contacted the operator, Mikael Storsjö.

Now the pages have re-opened on servers in both Finland and Sweden. Storsjö has financed the pages and says it is important that Chechen rebels have a medium to tell their side of the story.

Storsjö does not believe that the Finnish authorities will apply pressure again to shut down the site.

The site has operated in several countries over the past years. In Lithuania, for example, officials ordered the removal of the web site following a good deal of diplomatic pressure from Russia.

Critics of the site say it condones terrorism. Others say it should be allowed to remain operating in the name of freedom of expression.

YLE TV News reports that the Finnish Security Police does not intend to contact the site's operators. The case is being investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation, which will later decide whether any action need be taken against the site.

Under Finnish law, police can order the removal from the Internet of pages containing child pornography or racism, or which promote terrorism.

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