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Child kidnapper facing 3-year-plus sentence

The prosecution is seeking a more than three-year unconditional sentence for a man who kidnapped an 8 year-old girl off the street in Kotka last September. The girl was rescued unharmed hours after being taken. The accused has admitted to the kidnapping, but has been mute about his motive.

Lapsikaappauksesta epäilty kotkalaismies ja asianajaja Kymenlaakson käräjäoikeudessa.
Image: Yle / Juha Korhonen

The case against the man opened in the Kymenlaakso District Court on Thursday. According to Prosecutor Seppo Väisänen, the accused has been unable or unwilling to explain his motive in kidnapping the child.

"Actually, nothing else in this case needs to be established. The accused has admitted to the act, but whether or not the motive was sexual is the only thing that has to be determined in the courtroom. We have an individual accused who had child pornography on his computer. It would be strange, at very least, not to question if his motive was sexual," says Väisänen.

The accused has confessed to the abduction, but pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.

Exceptional case

Seppo Väisänen says that the child kidnapping case is unique.

"There haven't been any like this. Usually the crime of deprivation of liberty is, for example, preventing someone from leaving an apartment. But, there have been no actual kidnappings," he points out.

The kidnapping took place in the Tavastila district of Kotka in September. The man forced the girl into a van, bound her and then drove and left her alone in a cottage some 15 kilometres distant.

Even though bound, she was able to use her cell phone to makes two brief calls for help and give details concerning her captor.

She was found and rescued by the authorities about three hours later.


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