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Christmas Celebrated Peacefully

Christmas has been celebrated peacefully across Finland. However, the festive season has not been without some incidents.

Minor accidents, domestic calls and cases of drunkeness kept police busy in several places. However, in many towns, officials said Christmas had passed off very peacefully.

In one exception, a 30-year-old man in the town of Rauma is suspected of murdering his wife and her sister. He was detained by police outside his home.

On the roads, three people were injured on Christmas Eve when their car swerved off the road near Vantaa. The driver is suspected of aggravated drink driving and endangering traffic.

Fire Fighters Kept Busy In the Pikku Huopalahti district of Helsinki, a fire in a fifth floor apartment led to the evacuation of three buildings on Christmas Day morning. Fire fighters quickly brought the blaze under control. No injuries were reported but four people were taken to hospital owing to smoke inhalation. Police are investigating the cause of the fire. Fire fighters also fought a blaze at a guest house in Inari when a plastic bag filled with hot ash burst into flames. The fire was quickly brought under control. YLE

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