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Christmas charity drive narrowly misses target

An annual Christmas charity headed by the Finnish Red Cross, Yle’s Aamu-tv breakfast programme, Yle Radio Suomi and Radio Vega has fallen short of its target. The fundraising promotion aimed to collect 1.4 million euros to help low income families, but had only gathered 1.2 million up to Christmas Eve.

Kolikoita kädessä
The more than 1 million euros collected will be used to help feed low income families for Christmas. Image: Mari Vesanummi / Yle

The annual fundraiser "Hyvä Joulumieli" was organised for the 17th consecutive year, but narrowly missed its target by some 200,000 euros. However the campaign could still gather momentum as it heads to its close at year’s end.

The aim of the charity drive is to gather funds to help underprivileged families in Finland. This year’s proceeds went towards the acquisition of 70-euro shopping vouchers to be used to buy food. This year some 20,000 families benefited from the charitable programme.

Organisers of the fundraiser were the Finnish Red Cross and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, along with Yle’s breakfast television programme Aamu-tv, Yle Radio Suomi and Radio Vega. When the campaign ends the funds collected will be used to pay for the 20,000 food vouchers distributed to families in need ahead of the holiday.

The vouchers are donated to families in difficulty because of unemployment, sickness, indebtedness or low incomes. Studies indicate that currently some 120,000 children in Finland live in low income families.

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