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Citizens' initiative for two-mom couples gathers 50,000 signatures

Currently, female couples have to carry out an intra-family adoption to be recognised as the parents of children who are conceived via fertility treatment. A citizens' initiative to change that law gathered 50,000 signatures on Thursday, which means parliament must now consider whether or not to change the law.

Lapsen käsi kurkottaa kohti katsojaa.
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

The initiative is intended to help two-mom couples be recognised as parents without having to carry out an intra-family adoption after their child is born.

On Thursday, 50,000 signatures had been gathered; now the citizens' initiative will proceed to parliament for consideration.

The initiative's goal is to change the law so that children who receive their start in life with the help of assisted reproductive technologies and are born into two-mother families can have both women recognized as parents before the child's birth.

In the past, parliament has voted on eight citizen's initiatives and approved one, which was the citizens initiative for gender neutral marriage.

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