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Cold March not a record-breaker

Winter extended deep into the months commonly associated with spring, with March significantly colder than usual. It was not, however, the coldest March in half a century, as had been predicted.

Maisemaa Olostunturilta.
Olustunturi in winter Image: Yle

Parts of the south felt the frigid conditions bite particularly hard. In Turku and Vantaa, for instance, there was more -15 degrees Celsius weather than during the December to February period.

This March was not, however, the coldest in 50 years. Meteorologist Ville Siiskonen told Yle that the weather was colder in 2006, 1981 and 1963.

Average temperatures were between three and seven degrees colder than usual. In Helsinki the average was -5.2 degrees, in Jyväskylä -9.1 degrees, and in Sodankylä -13.2 degrees.

The coldest temperature this winter was recorded on 13 March in Taivalkoski, when the mercury hit -38.2 degrees.

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