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Cold nights, sunny days - good skiing

Continuing wintery conditions have been a boon for the nation's ski centres. Cold night-time temperatures have kept the slopes in shape and sunny March days have added to their appeal.

hiihtokeskus riihivuori rinne laskettelu
Image: Yle / Jori Asikainen

Many ski centres are just hitting an important seasonal high. And they have been lucky this year.

The winter sports industry is at the mercy of the weather, points out Janne Anderssin, who takes over next week as CEO of the Riihivuori Ski Centre at Muurame, close to Jyväskylä.

"Every business sector has its own risks. For us, it is the weather. I've noticed that the weather report has become a part of my morning routine in quite a different way than before," laughs Anderssin.

The extended winter weather, very low night-time temperatures, and the longer days of late March are a combination that operators like. Janne Anderssin says that unfortunately, many people end their own downhill season a little too early.

"Unfortunately often, the slopes are at their best at the same time as city streets are bare and dusty and people stop coming evenings and weekends. Usually, the best slope conditions are beginning at this very time," he says.

The coming Easter holiday weekend is an important seasonal peak for ski centres, and operators are hoping that the weather makes it one of the busiest of the year.

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