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Cold snap continues

This weekend will be extremely cold, with temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius on the eastern border. The cold snap will continue through next week.

Pakkanen, Rovaniemi, talvi, koskikatu
This weekend will be chilly throughout Finland. Image: Maija-Liisa Juntti / Yle

The cold weather will continue through next week, according to Yle metereologist Kerttu Kotakorpi.

"On the eastern border it is already -30 degrees Celsius," says Kotakorpi.

Next week the differences in sub-zero temperatures will vary in different parts of Finland. Currently, it is about -5 degrees Celsius in the west and -30 degrees Celsius in the east. During the weekend, temperatures will range between -15 and -30 degrees Celsius.

Over the weekend it will snow on the west coast and in Lapland.

"There may be up to 10 centimetres of new snow in a relatively short period of time," says Kotakorpi.

Monday will be cold throughout Finland, with temperatures dropping to between -20 and -30 degrees Celsius.

"But, if it is cloudy or it snows, temperatures may only drop to -10 degrees Celsius," says Kotakorpi.

Despite the cold temperatures, there are several sunny days in store.

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