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Complaints prompt Tallink Silja to shut some tax-free booze sales on weekends

Citing passenger complaints about noisy cabin corridors, cruise firm Tallink Silja has announced that it has stopped selling tax-free shop alcohol to day-cruise passengers aboard its Baltic Princess ship during weekends - but only when the ship is sailing from Finland to Sweden. Weekend tax-free alcohol sales are not restricted when the ship is travelling from Sweden.

Baltic Princess
Tallink Silja's Baltic Princess. Image: Linus Hoffman / Yle

Tallink Silja says it has decided to restrict sales of alcohol to day-cruise passengers on its Baltic Princess route from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden during the weekends.

However, tax-free booze sales are not restricted when the ship travels from Stockholm to Turku.

Noise complaints

The company says that it has received complaints from passengers about overly-refreshed and rowdy fellow passengers and decided to make the change.

Tallink Silja's head of communications Marika Nöjd said that passengers have complained of noise and mess in the Baltic Princess' cabin corridors. Nöjd said that the decision to limit alcohol sales only affects the Baltic Princess, and not the firm's other ferries.

Booze still available to others

It is still possible for select passengers to shop for alcoholic beverages in the tax-free shop aboard the Baltic Princess, however.

Those passengers who are travelling on route tickets - those not returning to Turku the same day as they arrive to Stockholm - will continue to be able to buy tax-free libations upon showing their ticket to shop staff.

Alcoholic beverages are available to buy to all legal-age passengers in the bars and restaurants aboard the Baltic Princess, the company said.

Tallink Silja not alone

Tallink Silja competitor Viking Line has similarly restricted alcohol sales for day cruise passengers on two of its ships, the Viking Grace and Cinderella.

Day cruise passengers aboard the Cinderella have not been allowed to buy tax-free alcohol on Fridays and Saturdays since 2009, with Grace following suit shortly thereafter.

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