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Complaints to ombudsman over police joining Helsinki BLM protests

The Parliamentary Ombudsman is investigating a total of 16 complaints over police conduct during the protest.

En demonstrant står mellan två poliser.
Complainants said police did not display impartiality when they held BLM placards. Image: Sara Silvennoinen / Yle

The office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman is looking into three complaints about police officers who are said to have participated in a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Helsinki in early June.

The complaints were filed via an internal Police Administration ethical channel, with the individuals behind the filings claiming that uniformed police officers participated in the demonstration by holding placards.

The complainants criticised the action, saying that it did not reflect impartiality on the part of police. The ombudsman’s office has requested an investigation and a report on the matter from the Interior Ministry.

Ombudsman Petri Jääskeläinen said his office is investigating a total of 16 complaints over police actions during Black Lives Matter protests.

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