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Con Artists Send More Fraud E-Mails to Nordea Customers

For the fourth time this year, Internet con artists have sent out fake e-mails to customers of Nordea Bank. The messages, written in poor Finnish and without Scandinavian letters, ask customers to send their account numbers and online passwords via e-mail.

The fraudsters have now attempted to swindle customers four times, in both Finnish and English.

Nordea has again stressed that under no circumstances would any bank ask for passwords via e-mail because of security concerns. If someone has replied to the message, their bank account should be shut down immediately because the criminals are capable of emptying very quickly.

The con artists have so far stolen more than 60,000 euros from customers in Finland. Until now, Nordea has reimbursed people who have lost money due to this scam, but representatives of the bank say they will expect greater vigilance from their customers in the future.

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