Consumer Disputes Board: Caruna's 15 percent price hikes "reasonable"

The Consumer Disputes Board said that the power distribution firm Caruna's plans to increase electricity transfer rates by 15 percent are reasonable. The consumer protection authority has received dozens of complaints from Caruna customers about the price hikes.

Carunan Keilaniemen sähköasema.
A substation facility in Espoo, owned by electricity distribution firm Caruna. File photo. Image: Yle

On Friday the Consumer Disputes Board said Caruna's current, roughly 15 percent, price increase plan can be considered reasonable as long as it does not cause consumers to more than 150 euros extra annually.

To the shock of many of its customers Caruna announced plans to raise prices by up to 30 percent in January.

But after an outcry from consumers and murmurs of a class action lawsuit by the Consumer Ombudsman, the company shelved the plans.

Soon afterwards the company backed down and announced its current revised price hike of about 15 percent, with increases to be gradually spread out over time.

Currently there are some 50 complaints from consumers about Caruna on file at the Consumer Disputes Board.

According to its website, the Consumer Disputes Board is a "neutral and independent expert body whose members represent consumers and business in a balanced way."

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