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Coronabot now allows users to book a coronavirus test online

The new feature aims to relieve bottlenecks in coronavirus testing phone reservation systems.

Kuvassa lähihoitaja Viitanen tekee 10-vuotiaalle pojalle koronavirustestin Helsingissä elokuussa 2020.
Demand for coronavirus tests has been high in Southern Finland's Uusimaa region. Image: Silja Viitala / Yle

Residents of the Helsinki University Hospital District (HUS) region will now be able to use the Coronabot online service to book an appointment for a Covid-19 test.

The new feature is expected to relieve bottlenecks in phone lines dedicated to arranging a coronavirus test. HUS has struggled to meet the demand for tests despite efforts to boost testing capacity.

The service was launched back in the spring, but users had previously only been able to use it to determine their need for a coronavirus test based on an evaluation of their symptoms.

Now, however HUS said the service has a new feature that will offer Uusimaa residents the option to reserve a time to be tested.

Once users answer questions about their symptoms and potential exposure to the virus, they will be able to book a time for testing, after providing preliminary information.

Coronabot will still direct Helsinki residents to use the Omaolo service to create an appointment for a test. Users will need bank authentication codes or Mobile ID to book a test appointment.

HUS said that an extended feature allowing users to make an appointment for a test on someone else’s behalf, such as a child, is in the works and should be available at a later date.

Uusimaa residents can still get tested by calling municipal coronavirus advisory help lines, their local health centres and emergency units or by using the Omaolo service.

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