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Corrections of typos, wrong dates needed in some of Finland's EU Covid certificates

In Pori, the manual process of re-entering the document's data takes about an hour.

Omakanta-palvelusta tulostettu koronatodistus rokotustietoineen.
Image: Silja Viitala / Yle

Many residents across Finland have started to notice errors in their digital EU Covid certificates which are available on the MyKanta public health care platform.

In Helsinki, the mistakes include incorrectly spelled names or date of birth entries, according to Communications Manager of the City's Social Services and Health Care Sector, Jaana Juutilainen-Saari.

She said that Helsinki residents who notice mistakes in their certificate should return to the vaccination point they used, where staff can make corrections to the document, Svenska Yle reported on Monday.

Because the correction process needs to be done manually, amending the documents takes time. Errors in the certificates have been reported in other municipalities, including Espoo, Porvoo and Pori.

Residents who are planning to use the Covid certificates for a trip abroad are advised to double check the documents on the MyKanta website well before departure and to reach out to local health care services for guidance if any mistakes are found.

Hundreds of people in Pori have found errors on their certificates, with dozens of requests to fix the documents coming in every week, according to the city's health and social services division controller, Ilkka Manninen, who added that the process is not instantaneous.

"It's all done by hand. The document's previous information is cleared and then re-entered into the system, including who administered the vaccine, where, when and which vaccine was given. If all goes well, fixing one [certificate] takes about an hour," Manninen explained.

However, the process of correcting the documents varies in different areas of the country. Residents who need to have their certificates fixed should contact their local health care provider.

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