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Court dismisses final charges against Turku geriatric psych care worker

The appeal court ruled that the nurse's conviction for aggravated abuse of a patient could not be soley based on witness testimony.

Kupittaan psykiatrisen sairaalan julkisivu.
File photo of G1 geriatric psychiatric hospital in Turku. Image: Nora Engström / Yle

Turku's Court of Appeal has thrown out the last of the charges against caregivers accused of abusing patients at the senior psychiatric care unit G1 in the city's Kupittaa district during 2009-2013 on grounds of insufficient evidence.

A police investigation into allegations of abuse at the facility began in 2016, shortly after which four nurses were charged. The charges against two of the nurses were thrown out during district court proceedings, while the third was cleared of the charges last summer.

A nurse who was convicted of aggravated abuse of a patient and received a 14-month suspended sentence had the sentence and conviction dismissed by this week's decision, with the appeal court ruling that there was insufficient evidence.

The court said that - based solely on witness testimony - it could not be proven that the crimes actually took place. The court also freed the nurse from having to pay compensation fines.

The appeal court ruling marked the fourth and final G1-related case.

An internal audit by the city of the abuse allegations resulted in written warnings issued to three officials at the hospital, while a fourth official was verbally reprimanded.

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