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Court sentences five for operating illegal cannabis farms

Kymenlaakso District Court ordered one defendant to forfeit over €400,000 in assets gained from criminal activity.

Cannabis planta.
Police seized over 200 cannabis plants during their investigation.

Kymenlaakso District Court has handed down two custodial and three suspended prison sentences following a police investigation into a professional cannabis farm that operated in the southeastern city of Kotka for around three years.

Police estimate the defendants made over a million euros in proceeds from the illegal drug farm. They also found that the operation, which began in 2017, also expanded to the Kainuu municipality of Posio in 2019.

Jail time for chief suspect

The harshest sentence went to Henri-Ilari Borgman, 50, who was considered to be the lead perpetrator of the cannabis farms in both Kotka and Posio.

Borgman received a custodial sentence of four and a half years. He was also ordered to surrender 441,000 euros in assets gained through criminal activity.

A 26-year-old man who was found guilty of aiding and committing a drug offence received a nearly two-year jail sentence. Three others found guilty of involvement in the illegal drug farms were handed suspended sentences. The court dismissed charges against a sixth person.

A professional operation

Both farms were professionally run, according to police. The cannabis farm in Posio was found on a property worth 45,000 euros, which had been purchased specifically for use as a drug farm. The farm in Kotka was housed on a former industrial lot.

The defendants also fulfilled specific roles, police investigators said, with some working on property acquisition, some on construction and some as growers.

During the pre-trial investigation, police seizes 247 cannabis plants, more than 10 kilograms of marijuana, growing equipment worth some 80,000 euros, some 145,000 euros in cash and a car worth roughly 30,000 euros.

Kymenlaakso District Court's judgement is not final, leaving the defendants an opportunity to appeal.

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