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Covid exposure quarantines more than 20 Oulu police

Oulu police department say they have prepared for such a situation and extra resources will be used to cover patrols.

Poliisitunnus hihamerkkinä.
The mass exposure will not significantly impact the police's operations, according to a department spokesperson. Image: Kristiina Lehto / Yle

More than 20 officers of the Oulu police force have been exposed to coronavirus and been placed in quarantine until next Wednesday, local newspaper Kaleva reported on Friday.

Deputy Chief of the Oulu Police Department Arto Karnaranta said the exposure was an unfortunate consequence of the officers’ day-to-day duties.

"This concerns rank and file officers who work quite closely with each other, taking breaks and meals," Karnaranta said. "They are inevitably in contact with each other, and this is unfortunately a natural consequence of so many being exposed when there was one case of the virus amongst them."

He added that although the number of officers now in quarantine is high, the police have made preparations for such an eventuality to ensure there are a sufficient number of patrols on the city’s streets.

"With shift planning and using our existing resources, we will be able to fill the gaps. This weekend, for example, traffic police patrols and crime investigation staff will be utilised. There is no concern about performance, as long as this situation does not last very long," Karnaranta said.

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