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Covid testing trial starts at Port of Turku

The sites will offer arriving passengers coronavirus tests as well as guidance on matters like quarantines.

SPR rakentaa koronatestustelttaa Turun satamassa.
Workers set up a shelter to be used as a temporary coronavirus testing point at the Port of Turku on Monday. Image: Minna Rosvall / Yle

Coronavirus testing points are opening at the Port of Turku this week, in a two-day trial which aims to assess how to process passengers arriving from countries with high infection rates.

The testing points are to be trialled on Monday and Tuesday in the south-western city, in order to assess ways authorities could provide health counselling and coronavirus testing services to people arriving from countries with high Covid infection rates.

The first testing point, serving arriving passengers on Viking Line's ship, opened on Monday evening. Then, a testing point will be opened for travellers arriving on Tallink Silja on Tuesday evening.

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SPR rakentaa koronatestustelttaa Turun satamassa.
The trial began on Monday and will continue the following day, according to the City of Turku. Image: Minna Rosvall / Yle

The City of Turku's welfare division specialist physician, Jane Marttila, said the temporary facilities will offer coronavirus testing but also provide arrivals with information regarding topics like quarantine guidelines.

One of the testing points will serve passengers arriving via the car deck and another will offer services to those arriving through the terminal.

However, relatively small number of people will be coming on Monday, as only around 20 passengers were anticipated to arrive via the terminal and another 20-30 in vehicles.

After the trial, health authorities will assess how to provide such testing to people arriving from countries with high infection rates, as Sweden is considered a country with a high infection rate.

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