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Customs Board nabs exceptionally pure cocaine, amphetamines in Vaasa

Officials uncovered a large shipment of illegal drugs valued at nearly 10 million euros at Vaasa harbour in western Finland.

Huumekätkö rekassa.
The drugs were concealed under the floor of a lorry. Image: Tulli.

Customs officials announced on Wednesday that a large shipment of illegal drugs had been seized at the Port of Vaasa on Finland's west coast. They estimated its value at close to 10 million euros.

The case has just being handed over to the Prosecutor's Office of Ostrobothnia.

Customs found 104 kilos of amphetamines and three kilos of cocaine hidden in a truck that came from southern Europe via Sweden in early November. Both drugs were very pure and classified as very dangerous. Two foreign men are suspected of aggravated drug offenses.

A Customs canine team found the drugs hidden under the floor of the cargo section of a lorry that had arrived empty from Sweden.

Authorities estimate that the amphetamines would have had a street value of eight million euros and the cocaine about 1.2 million euros.

Dangerously pure

According to the Customs Board, the amphetamines had a purity level of 49 percent, significantly higher than that of doses sold to users. It would have produced some 1.3 million doses. The cocaine was also exceptionally pure at more than 89 percent. In the street trade it would have amounted to more than 34,000 average doses.

"This is certainly one of the largest seizures ever in Finland," Customs anti-crime chief Hannu Sinkkonen tells Yle.

"These substances are dangerous in and of themselves, and the danger was increased by their purity. There would have a high risk of overdoses," he adds.

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