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Customs uncover huge online drug seller

The Finnish Customs Board has uncovered a huge online drug-selling operation run by three Finns. They are suspected of importing 40,000 ecstasy tablets and around 30,000 LSD tabs between 2014 and 2016.

Pussillinen tabletteja.
Drugs confiscated by the Finnish Customs board Image: Tulli

The Finnish Customs Board says it has busted a drug importing operation that brought some 40,000 ecstasy tablets, 30,000 LSD tabs and 40 kilograms of other drugs into the country.

The haul includes amphetamines, metamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, MDMA, alfa-pvp and MDVP (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone).

The total haul of drugs recovered is estimated to be worth some two million euros.

Customs official Hannu Sinkkonen told Yle that the smuggling ring, which was run by three Finnish citizens, was uncovered in the course of routine surveillance.

"We follow everything that happens, also online, and that way we uncovered this case," said Sinkkonen.

Exceptional IT skills

The narcotics were allegedly imported from Germany and Holland, and totalled more than 10 million doses.

The store had operated since 2014 via the Silk Road market on the dark web. Bitcoin was used as payment for the product.

Sinkkonen claimed that this one bust will significantly reduce the Finnish drugs market. The three suspects are aged around 30, from the capital city and Turku regions, and had no previous drugs offences to their names.

"They started "cold"," said Sinkkonen. "They have exceptional IT skills."

The case is expected to be heard at the District Court in South-west Finland in the autumn.

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