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Customs: Up to 300 Finnish firms unprepared for post-Brexit trade

Customs officials said that firms need a special customs code if they want to continue trading with the UK post-Brexit.

Tullin kyltti Joensuun virastotalolla.
Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

Finnish Customs have said that up to 300 firms in Finland have not yet obtained an export code extension that will allow them to continue trading with the UK after Brexit.

When companies register as an exporter, they get an export code known as the Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI) that allows them to trade within the EU. To conduct trade outside of the EU, they must get a code extension.

According to Finnish Customs, hundreds of firms are yet to secure the extension to their existing EORI identification numbers.

The UK parliament is expected to meet on Saturday to try to find a way forward in the current Brexit impasse.

The agency is calling on all companies that trade with Britain to immediately ensure that they have the customs code extension required for extra-EU trade.

"I am urging companies that still don’t have the code to contact Customs at the next opportunity," said the agency’s customer relations and tax collection director Tom Ferm.

Customs said that thousands of Finnish companies currently do business with the UK.

Brexit to affect online shoppers

Members of the public will also have to get used to new routines when it comes to online shopping from the UK post-Brexit. In future, shipments from the UK valued at over 22 euros will be subject to tax and a customs declaration.

Customs have calculated that if Britain leaves the EU, the volume of goods subject to customs declarations will increase by 25 percent.

The agency said that it is in the process of recruiting 60 new staff members to deal with the additional processing and to prevent backlogs.

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