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Daily: Police investigate death of 16-year-old covered in spray paint

The 16-year-old boy reportedly passed away in hospital last week after a stint of heavy drug use.

Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Police in southwest Finland are looking into the death of a teenage boy from the city of Loimaa in southwest Finland who died after using several narcotic substances heavily. The boy had also been covered in spray paint.

Lead investigator Satu Värri from the Southwest Finland Police Department told the tabloid daily Iltalehti that it is unclear whether the death was caused by the paint, the drugs, or a combination of the two. Police are looking into the cause of death but said they do not suspect foul play.

Värri told the paper that the boy had been rushed to hospital last Friday, but his internal organs soon failed and he passed away.

Investigators said that the young man had apparently used several drugs with friends and had covered his entire body with spray paint.

Counselling for locals

Mari-Anna Hovi, a youth worker in Loimaa, said that there had been a great demand for crisis counseling after the incident.

"We currently have two people working on the crisis services side, discussing the event with young people," she added.

"Of course many people are shocked when the case involves a young person. People wonder what happened and why," she concluded.

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