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Daily: Police to add 150 new traffic cameras over next three years

Finnish police plan to intensify traffic monitoring from next year with the introduction of an additional 150 traffic cameras over the next three years, reports the Lännen Media news consortium. Municipal officials are currently working with police to determine where to place the monitoring devices.

Juvan ja Mikkelin välillä on kymmenkunta kameratolppaa.
Image: Petri Vironen / Yle

News consortium Lännen Media reported Sunday that Finnish police aim to intensify traffic monitoring from next year with the addition of 150 traffic cameras. According to LM, the intention is to acquire cameras with a new kind of technology that will make them easier to install.

The addition of the new cameras over the next three years will more than double the current stock of 130. Police also have plans to introduce 25 automatic monitoring vehicles. Law enforcement will open a competitive bidding process for the devices during the autumn.

The news agency also reported that police are in talks with local officials to decide where to deploy traffic cameras. The Finnish Transport Agency is also preparing a list of proposals for deploying the cameras on the nation’s roads.

The transport agency has received several suggestions from each of the country’s Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment; however the cameras’ final locations will be based on road safety.

The new cameras to be acquired from 2018 onwards will not replace existing traffic cameras.

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