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Damp weekend in Finland, drier on Sunday in south and west

July has been rainier than usual. Some areas have received almost 100mm more than the long-term mean.

Weather Image: Yle Sää

More rain is set to arrive in southern and eastern Finland on Saturday. Showers are possible elsewhere as well.

Saturday's temperatures will remain below 20 degrees Celsius. Eastern Lapland looks to be the warmest area.

"Tomorrow's weather won't thrill those who're on holiday," Yle meteorologist Kerttu Kotakorpi said on Friday evening.

Sunday should bring warmer, drier conditions in many areas, with the mercury edging up past the 20-degree mark. Southern and central areas may reach 22. Showers will be concentrated in eastern and northern Finland.

Early next week, daytime temperatures will mostly be in the low 20s, with some spots approaching 25 degrees.

Showers will continue next week, with some areas accumulating 20–30 mm of rain in the next few days.

Rainy July

While June was very hot and dry in many areas, July has been rainier than average so far. Some locations have already had nearly 100 mm more than the long-term mean for July.

For instance Tohmajärvi in North Karelia has received 154 mm, compared to the mean of 57 mm.

More than 140 mm has also fallen in at least the eastern towns of Kajaani and Ilomantsi and the western towns of Isojoki and Pori.

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