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Deal reached in social services labour dispute, private day care strike cancelled

Potential industrial action at private day care centres and other social services was averted in Finland on Monday, when all five of the negotiating parties agreed to a settlement proposed by the state conciliator.

Minna Helle
Minna Helle Image: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

State conciliator Minna Helle submitted a settlement proposal to resolve labour disputes in the social services sector overnight, which was approved by the representative boards on Monday afternoon. The resolution of the dispute means that scheduled strikes in the private day care centre sector will not take place.

The negotiators reached a deal valid for the following 26 months, and includes a 3.47 percent salary increase for private day care workers. If the discussions had not been successful, there was a risk that further industrial actions would have been called by others in the private care services sector.

The agreement also means that threatened sympathy strikes from the service workers' trade union JHL that would have affected Finland's railway traffic and cargo handling will also be averted.

New university staff strike still looms

Meanwhile, labour disputes in the university sector continue, with salary increases being the largest point of contention. If an agreement between the employers and employees can't be found, further strike action is anticipated.

If negotiations do not progress, Wednesday would see staff at Aalto University, the Hanken School of Economics, Tampere University, the Tampere University of Technology, the University of Arts Helsinki and the Vaasa University walk off the job in protest.

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