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Debt-Ridden Lordi Launches New Album and U.S Tour

Monster rock band and 2007 Eurovision winner Lordi has released a new album and is again trying to break into the American market. But the band brand is haemorrhaging money, despite - or because of - branching out into many things like movies and cola.

Putaansuu told YLE that music is really the heart and soul of the band. They released their fourth album, Deadache, on Wednesday and are launching their second U.S. tour next week. In addition, they will appear on the Conan O'Brien show, which is guaranteed to introduce them to a whole new segment of unsuspecting Americans.

"Of course it's a big thing. But you have to keep your feet on the ground and remember that it's just one tv-show. Before anyone goes off and says that we've conquered America."

But the band's axe-wielding, bat-winged frontman is reluctant to pronounce any sort of victory over the notoriously difficult U.S. market. He says they are still light-years from the success of other Finnish bands like HIM.

"It will take years of work to get where HIM and Children of Bodom are. We're light years away from where they are now. This is just the beginning of our story. We've only done four albums!"

Lordi shot to fame in 2007 by stunning the pastel-and-platitude event that was the Eurovision Song Contest. Although immediately capturing a European audience with its blinding pyrotechnics and costumes from the ninth circle of hell, Lordi now finds itself stretched too thin. The band's front company Lordi Enterprises is in serious debt.

The company launched its own brand of cola and produced a horror film called Dark Floors. Both of them were flops. But the biggest drain, according to Tomi Putaansuu, a.k.a. Mr. Lordi himself, was last year's Ozzfest tour. Like all the other bands on tour with Ozzy Ozbourne, they performed for free, driving Lordi Enterprises further into debt.

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