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Deceased man found following Espoo apartment explosion had money problems

The man's neighbours and landlord said they had not seen him very much in the past couple of years.

Asunto, jossa räjähti 25.5.2020.
A shattered window in the Mäkkylä, Espoo apartment, where an explosive device detonated as police officers tried to enter on Monday evening. Image: Kristiina Lehto / Yle

The man found dead in his Espoo apartment on Monday evening - after an explosion injured two police officers as they tried to enter - was having financial difficulties, according to court records.

After the explosion, which occurred in Espoo's quiet neighborhood of Mäkkylä at around 8:45pm, the injured officers were taken to hospital but were not held for observation.

Once police were able to enter the apartment, they discovered the body of its tenant, a 41-year-old male.

Documents showed that Western Uusimaa District Court had previously ordered the man to be evicted from his apartment after finding him guilty of three debt violations over the course of a year.

The man had failed to pay rent since the beginning of 2019, according to the court, and he had no previous criminal record.

His landlord, Mauri Vainikka, said the man had been a tenant for the past 13 years.

"Rent was always paid on time, but the situation changed a few years ago. He started having trouble making payments," Vainikka said.

"Increasingly isolated"

According to neighbours Yle spoke to, the man had not been seen very much in the last couple of years. During that time, his landlord said that he'd become increasingly isolated.

Police said they were treating the incident as an isolated case, adding that no other people are suspected of involvement. Police said they do not suspect the incident was related to organised crime or terrorism

Authorities have not disclosed why officers were trying to enter the apartment on Monday evening.

Because two Western Uusimaa Police officers were injured in the incident an investigation has been launched by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

NBI Detective Chief Inspector, Olli Töyräs, confirmed that the officers were injured by an explosion at the door of the apartment, as they tried to enter.

"But it is so early in the investigation that, for example, a motive in the incident cannot be assessed," Töyräs said.

Daily paper Helsingin Sanomat reported that the man was not killed in the explosion itself but took his own life before police arrived to the apartment (link in Finnish).

The paper also reported that the detonated device was made out of fireworks.

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