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Defence Forces personnel suspected of conscript abuse

A military drill last month allegedly got out of hand, according to the Finnish Defence Forces.

Varusmiehen kädet.
Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

Around 20 people at the Finnish Defence Forces are suspected of official misconduct and inappropriate treatment of conscripts.

The individuals are facing charges over suspected abuse of conscripts in connection with an incident during final drills of the Air Force training exercises in Jamsä, central Finland at the end of last month, according to the Defence Forces.

The drill involved capturing a group of conscripts in order to interrogate them. There are suspicions however, that participants in the exercise had used excessive force, to the extent that their actions may have constituted assault and official misconduct, according to the defence agency.

Around 20 people from the Air Force Academy and the Pori Brigade are suspected of the crimes, including personnel members and conscripts.

All of the alleged victims in the incident are members of the Pori Brigade, some of whom were slightly injured.

The Defence Forces said the course of events of the incident in question cannot be publicly disclosed, because they are still under investigation.

A preliminary investigation into the matter is expected to continue for several weeks before any possible charges can be filed, according to the defence officials.

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