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Defence Forces reports more than 20 corona cases over 2 weeks

Most infections took place while conscripts were on leave, while others possibly exposed to the virus have been tested.

Karjalan prikaatin pääportti. Vekaranjärven varuskunta.
Main entrance to the Karelia Brigade. Image: Kari Saastamoinen/Yle

Twenty conscripts and three staff members from the Finnish Defence Forces have been diagnosed with coronavirus infections in just under the past two weeks, the Defence Command confirmed on Monday.

The new infections were diagnosed in conscripts and staff members from the Guard Jaeger Regiment, Karelia Brigade, Uusimaa Brigade and the Air Force Academy.

The command said that most of the conscripts had fallen ill while on holiday leave and in many cases did not expose others at their respective garrisons.

However, possible exposure chains were traced in cases where an infected conscript had come into close contact with others, who in turn were also tested, the defence command said.

There have been 87 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection within the Defence Forces since the outbreak began last spring, with 51 conscripts and 36 staff members having tested positive for Covid-19. Those figures also include individuals who have already recovered from the infectious disease, according to the Defence Forces.

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