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"Did someone spike the coffee?" Police investigate suspected crime at Savonlinna Posti

Police suspect that someone has deliberately placed a narcotic or other harmful substance into a coffee pot at a Posti outlet in Savonlinna, southeast Finland. The incident came to light when five postal workers had to seek medical attention after they experienced strange symptoms following their coffee break.

Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

Police in Savonlinna, southeast Finland are investigating a suspected crime at a local Posti outlet. Officers are trying to determine whether or not someone placed "something that did not belong there" in a coffee pot in the employee lounge. On Wednesday morning, five postal workers complained of feeling unwell after all drinking coffee during a break.

"They all experienced loss of balance, blurred vision, dizziness, restlessness and muscle cramps," said senior crime officer Seppo Leinonen of the eastern Finland police department.

All of the workers affected were middle-aged men, and all were taken to hospital for treatment. It’s not yet known what substance produced the symptoms – narcotic or otherwise. Leinonen said that police would have more information early next week.

The officer described the case as highly unusual.

"I have been a criminal investigator with Savonlinna police for 14 years and I don’t remember any other case like it," Leinonen said.

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