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Distressed Animals Keep Firefighters Busy

Many people turn to the fire brigade for help when seeing an animal in distress. According to the provincial daily Savon Sanomat, last year some 2,300 alarm calls were received, representing an increase of some 60 percent over the previous year.

Siili köpöttelee kohti talviunia.
Image: YLE Pohjanmaa

Fire crews, on average, attend to a distressed animal seven times daily. The creatures include sheep, horses, cats, dogs, elk, hedgehogs, ducks and swans.

Calls to help animals and birds have increased particularly in the large cities and towns of southern and south western Finland. A growing number of cases affect smaller animals, such as squirrels, and birds.

Helsinki, however, tops the list with as many alarm calls registered for animals in distress than the rest of Finland as a whole.

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