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District court dismisses charges against Oulu rape suspect

The acquittal is not related to another series of rape cases in the northwest city involving eight defendants.

Oulun oikeustalo.
Oulu District Court building Image: Paulus Markkula / Yle

Charges against a 20-year-old male suspected of the aggravated rape of a 17-year-old female in Finland's northwest coastal city of Oulu were dismissed on Friday, after a decision from the Oulu District Court.

The alleged crime occurred two years ago in April, according to the prosecution, but the Oulu court said the evidence presented was insufficient to prove the defendant's guilt.

The ruling of the court was unanimous. The rest of the details about the case have been kept confidential in order to protect the privacy of the persons involved.

The prosecution had called for the defendant, who had been taken into custody in March, to be punished for aggravated rape.

The case is one of a string of sexual offenses involving minors in Oulu that received a great deal of publicity in Finland when they came to light in December 2018.

This case's court ruling is not connected to a separate series of cases, for example, in which eight men who had come to Finland as asylum seekers are suspected of the aggravated assault and rape of an underage girl.

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