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Diversify Forestry Management, Safeguard Timber Supplies

New logging practices could provide a partial solution to safeguarding timber supplies. According to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation a more diversified approach to today's clear felling policy would make it easier for forestry owners to provide raw timber for sale.

The Association says that many landowners don't sell timber because they want to avoid open logging on their properties. The Conservationists say that modern felling methods would introduce logging across a narrow band of territory.

Apart from the forestry industry, newer felling methods would benefit landowners, the environment and nature lovers.

The Conservation Association says the widespread use of new felling practices requires changes to current legislation, forestry care guidelines and peoples' attitudes.

"For 60 years forestry landowners have been offered clear felling as the only means of forestry management and opponents have been held in check with a forceful hand," said Risto Sulkava, President of the Association.

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