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Dozens exposed to measles at Hyvinkää hospital

People who visited the emergency clinic are being urged to check that their measles vaccinations are up to date.

Potilaalle annetaan tuhkarokkorokotus
Officials said they were not sure if the man diagnosed with measles had been been vaccinated against the disease. Image: Lukas Schulze / AOP

A middle-aged Finnish man was diagnosed with measles on Friday at a hospital in Hyvinkää, roughly 50 kilometres north of Helsinki.

According to the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district, HUS, the man had travelled abroad before contracting the disease. Officials were unsure about whether or not he had ever been vaccinated against it.

The man is currently receiving treatment at the hospital and has been quarantined to prevent the spread of the airborne disease. However hospital officials suspect that he may have infected people who visited the accident and emergency department on 22 November.

Members of the public who visited the hospital’s emergency clinic and pre-hospital emergency care centres Friday morning and afternoon are being urged to check whether their measles immunisation is up to date.

HUS has estimated that several dozens of people may have been exposed to infection. The hospital managed to identify patients and staff exposed to the disease. HUS said that the risk of infection is minimal, although measles is generally a highly contagious disease.

Early symptoms of measles infection include a high fever, inflamed eyes and difficulty breathing. Another measles diagnosis was confirmed last Thursday at the Kanta-Häme central hospital in south-central Finland.

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