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Drivers face blizzard conditions in the south

Heavy snowfall and slippery roads have made driving conditions particularly hazardous in parts of southern Finland. Officials say several collisions were reported but major accidents have, so far, been avoided.

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An accident on Highway 4 at Orimattila stopped traffic for a time on Tuesday afternoon. Image: Päijät-Hämeen pelastuslaitos

Late Tuesday afternoon, traffic was disrupted on highway 9 near Urjala after one lane was closed following a collision between two cars. Further north on highway 3 in the southern suburbs of Tampere an accident delayed traffic for a time.

Earlier in the afternoon a fully loaded truck collided with a bus leading to a three-hour long closure of the southbound carriageway on highway 4 at Orimattila to the south of Lahti. No injuries were reported but traffic was diverted for a time.

The heavy snowfall is moving northwards into central areas. A thaw in temperatures in the south is making some roads very slippery.

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