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Drop in Homicide Rate Forecast

The number of homicides could decline in the near future, forecasts Research Martti Lehti at the National Research Institute of Legal Policy. His findings are based on crime statistics.

A typical murderer is a 40-year old alcoholic estranged from working life. Those approaching their fifties, on the other hand, rarely commit a homicide.

Smaller future generations will also see a decline in this problem group.

The number of homicides in Finland is double the EU average, around 100,000. Figures have varied sharply in recent years. Last year the statistics made for particularly grim reading but this year's figures show a decline.

Mortality statistics published by the World Health Organisation show Finland has the fifth highest rate of homicides in the EU. Only in the Baltic States and Hungary is the per capita murder rate higher.

YLE24, Finnish news Agency STT

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