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Easter Egg Exhibition Showcases the Old and the New

The Museum of Central Finland in Jyväskylä is showcasing some 600 decorative Easter eggs. Most of the eggs on display are from Russia.

Koristeltuja pääsiäimunia Jyväskylän pääsiäismunanäyttelyssä.
Pääsiäismuna on osa ortodoksisen kirkon pääsiäisperinnettä. Image: YLE

Showcased eggs include those on loan from the Orthodox Monastery of New Valamo in Heinävesi, Eastern Finland. The exhibition boasts all sorts of eggs, from those that are hundreds of years old to new, plastic models.

“We don’t have any of the expensive Fabergé eggs on display. But we have everything that can be imagined in terms of decorations and interpretations,” says Erkki Fredrikson, the curator of the museum.

Anything Goes

Easter eggs are a central part of the Easter tradition in the Russian Orthodox Church. In Russia, the letters ”XB”, short for Hristos voskrese (Christ has risen), are generally painted on Easter eggs.

Imagination is key in decorating the eggs. Although many Easter eggs are painted with the images of Christ, the Virgin Mary or other religious figures, many others are decorated with more mundane images.

The Easter egg exhibition runs until May 30.

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