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Easter weekend colder than average

Wrap up warm, as the forecast for the rest of the Easter weekend calls for cooler temperatures and freezing nights. No need to fall into despair though – spring is definitely coming.

Etelä-Suomeen satoi kiirastorstain aamuna lunta,
Image: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

Spring is taking its sweet time this year, as temperatures remain cooler than average due to cold and dry air arriving from the north.

”Around this time in April we’d usually have around 7–9 degrees in the south and 2–5 degrees in the north, but now we’re seeing temperatures 5–6 degrees colder than usual,” Yle’s meteorologist Matti Huutonen says.

Snow showers will sweep over Ostrobothnia to central Finland on Saturday. Huutonen reminds motorists to pay attention to slippery roads in these regions.

”The sun will come out every now and then, so Spring is definitely on its way,” Huutonen says.

On Saturday, temperatures will drop to below zero during the night. In southern parts of the country, mercury will drop to 1–5 degrees below zero, and in central Finland 5–10 degrees below zero.

This morning residents of Ranua, a municipality in Lapland, woke up to -19,5 degrees celcius.

The weather will become milder on Sunday, when temperatures will rise above zero in southern and central parts of the country.

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