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Educated Women Frequent Victims of Domestic Violence

Women with a higher education appear to be more likely than others to experience domestic violence. According to a study by the National Research Institute of Legal Policy and the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, one in five Finnish women have experienced actual violence or threats of violence in their couple relationship.

Contradicting the notion that domestic violence is primarily a problem afflicting the socially marginalised, the study found that women with higher education are up to 50 percent more likely to fall victim to violence, says Minna Piispa of the Ministry of Justice.

Jukka Kaski of the Espoo Police says that one reason for the misapprehension is that police are more frequently called to intervene in domestic disputes of families of with a lower social standing.

Minna Piispa adds that those with a better educational background often have more contacts, friends, and established jobs, making it easier for them to seek help. Such networks mean that they have a wider array of coping mechanisms available.

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