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Eleven fireworks-related eye injuries seen during New Year festivities

This year there were more than twice as many injuries than the previous year.

Rakettien ammuntaa uimarannalla Helsingissä.
A group of people making their own fireworks show on the shore of Helsinki's island district of Lauttasaari on New Year's Eve 2021, file photo. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Compared to last year, there were twice as many cases of fireworks-related eye injuries this New Year's, according to the Finnish opthamologists association (Suomen Silmälääkäriyhdistys).

In its annual report, the association reported there were 11 cases of fireworks-related eye injuries that required hospital treatment during New Year's Eve and in subsequent days.

Ten of the injuries were caused by fireworks, while one was caused by a so-called bang snap.

Last year, the association reported a total of five eye injuries during New Year's celebrations.

Two of those injured this year were under the age of 15, the youngest of whom was 4 years old.

The victims were treated at five hospitals. Most of the injuries were seen in eastern Finland's municipality of Lappeenranta, where five people needed hospital care. Meanwhile Helsinki and Turku each saw two patients with eye injuries.

However others who may have been slightly injured by fireworks and treated at local health clinics were not included in the association's list.

The association's study on the matter was carried out in collaboration with the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) as well as the Department of Ophthalmology at Helsinki University.

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