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Elf door craze hits Finland: Jyväskylä creation voted best

A pre-Christmas Yle poll asked readers to vote from a number of contenders for the title of Best Elf Door. Jyväskylä resident Tuulikki Lyytikäinen’s DIY winter portal came out the winner.

Tuulikki Lyytikäinen’s children love all the tiny details of her winning elf door. Image: Tuulikki Lyytikäinen

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle asked its audience to vote for Finland’s Best Elf Door in December, and on Christmas Eve the results were in: Tuulikki Lyytikäinen’s entry in the contest was selected the favourite.

A resident of central Finland’s city of Jyväskylä, Lyytikäinen says she is thrilled about her door being selected. She says there are two groups of people: those that love the latest craft craze of elf doors and those that hate it. She says she proudly belongs to the former group. 

"I worked on my elf door for two weeks. You could say I got caught up in a kind of elf door haze," she tells Yle.

While the tiny stack of wood and storm lamps were ready-made, Lyytikäinen made the miniature sleigh and skis from scratch.

Lyytikäinen says her kids are excited about the door, especially because the elf that lives behind it has been leaving sweet treats for them on the counter every night. During the day, he is resting.

"The door is on hinges, and I taped an image of an elf sleeping in a rocking chair inside," she says.

Image: Tuulikki Lyytikäinen

The winner of the contest says she really enjoyed putting all the elements of the prize-winning elf door together, and she also found the creative project highly therapeutic.

"I dedicated my work to a friend of mine who passed away recently. She was a crafty person, too. I’ve been so sad ever since she died, but this elf door project was like therapy for me because now I can laugh again," Lyytikäinen says.

Image: Tuulikki Lyytikäinen

The elf door fad shot through Finland like wildfire this holiday season, with craft stores selling components of the miniature entryways as fast as they could stock them. To see photos of the other entries in the contest, watch the video at this link.

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