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Embassy: Most Finns in quake-stricken Nepal located

Most of the estimated 230 Finnish citizens in Nepal have already been reached by officials, according to the Finnish Embassy in Kathmandu. However, "the main function of the Embassy is to reach the 27 Finnish citizens who are missing and to help all Finnish citizens in Nepal," the Embassy wrote on its website on Monday. The devastating 7.9 scale earthquake struck the Kathmandu valley on Saturday.

Maanjäristyksessä romahtaneen talon raunioista etsittiin eloonjääneitä vielä 27. huhtikuuta.
Rescue workers look for survivors from Saturday's 7.9 earthquake in Nepal. Image: Prakash Singh / AFP / Lehtikuva

The Finnish Embassy there urged citizens in Nepal to "remain calm, to follow local media sources and to increase their water and food storage, if possible." The embassy also encouraged people to stay indoors.

According to an update on its website, telephone lines to the Finnish Embassy in Kathmandu are not functioning, and advised people to contact the agency through its Facebook page.

Relatives in Finland can contact the emergency number of the Foreign Ministry +358 9 160 55551 for inquiries, the page read.

On Monday afternoon, Jussi Tanner, Team Leader for Crisis and Assistance Situations at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki, estimated to Yle that there were around 230 Finns in the quake area on Saturday and that only about 10 remain unaccounted for. He added that the situation remains fluid, and that no precise figures are available yet.

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