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Emma and Onni most popular baby names in 2013

Emma and Onni topped the list of first names given to children born in Finland in 2013. Last year, 445 girls were given the first name Emma and 431 boys were christened Onni. The most popular names among Swedish-speaking Finns for the same period were Emil and Ellen.

Suosituimpia Nimiä.
Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

After Emma, the most popular girl’s names were Aino, Aada, Venla and Sofia. For boys, Elias, Leo, Oliver and Eetu joined Onni as favourites among Finnish speakers.

The most popular Swedish names given in Finland in 2013 were Emil and Ellen, with 57 baby boys named Emil and 32 girls named Ellen. After Emil, the most popular first names among Swedish speakers included Elias, Benjamin, Anton and Liam. Among girls, Emma, Ida, Elin and Minea joined Ellen as popular Swedish names..

A total of 60,410 children were born in Finland last year, 51,741 of which were born to Finnish-speaking families and 3,525 born to Swedish-speaking families. Information on the most popular names of the year is based on data acquired from 59,710 children who received a name in 2013.

Information on first names is collected in a population information system maintained by the local register offices and the Population Register Centre.

A list of the 50 most popular Finnish names from last year can be found here, while the corresponding list of Swedish names can be found by clicking here.

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