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End of an era: Yle News in English airs final TV broadcast

For nearly 20 years Yle News has produced daily television news broadcasts but our last broadcast was on Sunday afternoon. Here's our final TV report - a retrospective of the history of Yle News on television.

Video: Yle News history, Nicklas Wancke
Video: Yle News

Public broadcaster Yle's English-language news service ended its television broadcasts on February 26, 2017, as it seeks to move resources to focus on reaching audiences online.

Nowadays a presenter with Yle's Finnish-language Aamu-tv breakfast programme, Nicklas Wancke, walked the News in English team into the era of television nearly 20 years ago. He said the time was ripe for the service.

"The thing was that when Finland held the EU presidency for half a year they wanted an English-language voice and Yle News was the answer. And I guess we did something right because we gained international recognition. We won the CNN World Report Award," Wancke explained.

Mobile, online content increasingly important

Yle News will now focus more on social media, online content and radio broadcasts.

The changes are linked to a wider reform of Yle's News and Current Affairs department, which aims to improve the company's ability to produce content suitable for new types of media consumption.

The role of online and mobile is increasing in media consumption, and Yle is aiming to make its news and current affairs content more meaningful while also providing a more tailored news service for each individual.

You can follow Yle News in English on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And don't forget our daily radio broadcasts on Yle Mondo at 3:30 pm and on Radio 1 at 3:55 pm.

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