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Ericsson starts redundancy talks in Finland, 80 jobs on the line

Ericsson's Finland office has announced plans to let go of up to 80 more employees, the latest in several rounds of downsizing. The Swedish telecom equipment firm currently employs about 800 people in Finland.

Ericssonin toimipiste.
An Ericsson location in Lund, Sweden. Image: Stig-Åke Jonsson / EPA

Telecom equipment company Ericsson says it will begin co-determination talks on Thursday that could lead to up to 80 people losing their jobs in Finland. This current round of reductions is linked to cost saving efforts that were first announced in March.

The multinational company hopes to save 10 billion Swedish crowns by July of next year with various belt-tightening measures.

Ericsson says that it will seek to re-assign the Finnish employees who are discharged to other in-house positions.

Ericsson has carried out a series of redundancy rounds in Finland, each of which has targeted letting go of about 100 people at a time. Previous rounds took place in October 2016, April 2015, November 2014 and January 2011, for example.

The majority of Ericsson's 800 personnel left in Finland work in the southern city of Kirkkonummi.

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