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Escape rooms in Finland safe, say organisers

In Finland escape rooms operate without special regulations, but organisers claim they are safe. On Friday an escape room fire killed five teens in Poland.

Pakopelihuoneen mysteerilukko.
Pakopelihuoneen mysteerilukko. Image: Arvo Vuorela / Yle

Escape rooms in Finland abide by the same rules as other inhabited spaces. Escape games involve players getting locked inside a room and have to solve a series of timed puzzles to get out.

”Security is a priority for all escape room entrepreneurs,” Yvonne Karsten of Helsinki Escape Room told Finnish News Agency STT, following news of a deadly fire killing five teenagers playing an escape room game in Poland on Friday evening.

In Finland, fire and emergency precautions are handled well, according to Ira Pasi of the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK. ”In general, event organisers in Finland understand the importance of safety regulations.”

Karsten of Helsinki Escape Room said her venues have an emergency button that will immediately release players from the room - even if the supervisor who monitors the game over a video link faints or has a medical emergency.

She urges people entering escape room games to request information regarding security procedures.

"Because there are no special regulations in place [regarding escape rooms], visitors have to be vigilant. Emergency exits must be clearly marked,” Jari Pouta, a safety expert at SPEK, added.

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