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Esports in Finland now subject to anti-doping rules

The introduction of an anti-doping programme aims to ensure fair play in esports.

Elektroninen urheilu yleiskuva e-urheilu
Image: Jari Järvi

Competitors in Finland’s esports arena will soon be subject to anti-doping rules. A new anti-doping program created by the Finnish Esports Federation SEUL in collaboration with the Finnish Centre for Integrity in Sports Fincis, will come into effect from 1 January.

The anti-doping programme affects everyone active under the SEUL umbrella – in other words all licensed players. The association said it would be organising anti-doping training with the support of Fincis.

"The purpose of the anti-doping programme is to ensure players have the right to equitable and fair sports," the association said in a release.

SEUL said that more information about the programme is available on its website as well as that of Fincis. It added that it would continue to work with the sports integrity watchdog to combat manipulation in esports competitions.

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