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EU Takes Finland to Court over Wolf Hunting

The European Commission is taking Finland to the Court of Justice over wolf hunting.

The Commission says Finnish regulations are in violation of the EU's nature directive, which bans wolf hunting in all but the most exceptional circumstances. Such circumstances include when a wolf significantly threatens cattle herds or the public. Even in this case, culling an individual animal is supposed to happen under authorities' supervision.

The commission's complaint states that Finnish hunters are allowed to kill wolves in quotas, and not just individuals which threaten inhabited populations.

Finland says that the EU's directive has been taken into account in its hunting policy, but that upkeeping a small hunting quota is still important. The EU believes that alternative solutions should be found.

There are around 200 wolves in Finland, mostly around the eastern border. The population has increased slightly in recent years.

Finland has until the seventh of November to respond to the complaint.

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