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Eva Wahlström retains boxing World Championship title

The match marks Wahlström fourth time fighting for – and winning – the World Championship.

Eva Wahlström kuvassa
The champ: Eva Wahlström. Image: Lehtikuva

On Saturday night Eva Wahlström faced Argentinean Mayra Alejandra Gomez in the boxing ring to defend her WBC female super-featherweight title.

The match ended in a glorious victory to Wahlström. Wahlström became World Super Featherweight Champion in 2015, making boxing history as the first Finnish woman to win the coveted title.

The match marks Wahlström fourth time fighting for – and winning – the World Championship. Gomez was a worthy challenger.

”She was a fun opponent who seriously challenged me. I could tell she was giving it her all, really wanted to win and wasn’t afraid of taking risks. But I feel like I boxed well,” Wahlström told Yle after the match, and bursted out laughing.

Wahlström has plenty of reasons to feel pleased. Wahlström described how she usually has many things she wishes she had done differently during a match, but not this time. Boxing felt easy, her technique was flawless and Wahlström had total control of the situation.

”At least that’s how it felt. I don’t know what it looked like!”

And most importantly, Wahlström had fun in the ring. She says she strives to be a better boxer every day.

Ready for new challenges

During her professional career, Wahlström has won 20 matches with only one match ending in a draw.

”I have no idea what’s happening next, but I feel like I need more challenges,” Wahlström said.

Whalström continues by saying she would be interested in more belts, major opponents, or even a new weight class

”I’m ready to go abroad as well, depending on how things work out. I could go abroad any day,” Wahlström hinted.

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